Deepak Kala

Deepak Kala is a skilled bionanotechnologist with expertise in molecular diagnostics, nanoparticle production, and the use of nanoparticles in constructing electrochemical platforms for biosensing applications. He holds a Bachelor’s (B.Tech) and Master’s (M.Tech) degree in Biotechnology and has completed his PhD in Nanotechnology from Amity University Haryana, India. His PhD research focused on developing a nanohybrid electrochemical DNA sensor for detecting Orientia tsutsugamushi.

Deepak has worked on various research projects in this field, with a particular emphasis on utilizing nanoparticles/nanocomposites to develop point-of-care diagnostics. He is experienced in designing DNA/aptamer, Immune, or enzyme-based bioreceptors for biosensors, synthesizing and characterizing nanoparticles/nanocomposite, and developing biosensing strategies utilizing electrochemical and optical-based techniques.