Prof. dr hab. WP6 Leader
Marek Potemski

Prof. Marek Potemski graduated from the University of Warsaw (1980); received his Ph.D. from the Polish Academy of Sciences (1986); carried out his research initially in Warsaw (1980-1991) at the Institute of Physics before joining the permanent staff of the French Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, as a researcher, and successively as a leader of the “Semiconductor and Nano-Physics” group, at the French National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Grenoble.

Electronic properties of two-dimensional systems and semiconductor nanostructures, in conjunction with the application of magnetic fields, are the most representative domain of his research activity (400+ publications, 11000+ citations, supervision of 18 Ph.D. and 24 postdoctoral projects, extended research visits at the NRC-Canada/IMS-Ottawa, Autonomous University of Madrid, and University of Warsaw/Faculty of Physics).

Prof. Potemski is a fellow of the American Physical Society and a member of the Academy of Europe; has coordinated a number of research projects, including those granted to him by NRC-Canada (Herzberg Prize and Fellowship) by the ERC (Advanced Research Grant), by EC (within the Graphene Flagship) and by FNP-Poland (within the TEAM Programme). He has joined the CENTERA team with a research program focused on studies of 2D materials.