Prof. dr hab.
Jacek Majewski

Theoretical support

Prof. dr hab. Jacek A. Majewski specializes in theoretical and computational nanoscience.
He obtained his master’s degree in theoretical physics from the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw. Then he obtained his Ph.D. degree (1981) and Habilitation (1990) from the Institute of Physics Polish Academy of Sciences. After Ph.D., he holds scientific positions at the Institute of Physics PAS (1981-1988), Karl-Franzes Universität Graz (1984 -1986 and 1988 -1990), professor position at Walter Schottky Institute and Institute of Theoretical Physics, Technical University of Munich (1990 – 2004), and since 2004 is a professor at Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw.

The present research interests of professor Majewski concentrate on multi-scale (ab -initio calculations, tight-binding schemes, and continuous methods) modeling of electronic properties, spin features, and transport issues of semiconductor nano-structures and two-dimensional layered materials.

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