Prof. dr hab.
Ernest Arushanov

Institute of Applied Physics Academy of Sciences of Moldova (IAP ASM). He worked as a researcher (1967-1986), deputy director (1988-1997), and head of laboratory (1986 to present) in IAP ASM. In 1989 he became a professor, in 1992 he was elected as a corresponding member, and in 2000 as an academician of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

He worked as a visiting researcher in France (Pulsed high magnetic field laboratory, Toulouse and ESPCI, Paris), Germany (Konstanz University, HZB Berlin and IFW, Dresden), Madrid (UAM), and Singapore (Nanyang Technological University). His scientific papers are devoted to crystal growth and the study of transport, magnetic and optical properties of binary, ternary, and multinary semiconducting materials. Last year’s main attention is paid to the study of kesterites, chalcopyrites, and silicides compounds. At present topological insulators are also under investigation.