Dr hab.
Danyila Oliinyk

Dr hab. Danyila Oliinyk graduated in 1977 from the Lviv Polytechnic (Faculty of Electrophysics) in the field of electronic devices and obtained the qualifications of an electronics engineer. She defended her doctoral thesis in 1997 on the subject: “Investment marketing and its application in increasing the efficiency of creating market infrastructure”. She was awarded the PhD title in 2006 at the State University of Information and Communications (Ukraine) for her research dissertation “Investment support for sustainable development of the telecommunications sector in Ukraine”.

From 2000, she worked as the Deputy Head of the Ukrainian State Center for Radio Frequencies, Deputy Director of the Department of the State Communications Regulation Commission of Ukraine, the Deputy of the State Committee of Ukraine for Technical Regulations and Consumer Policy. Since 2015, she has been working as the Chief Researcher at the National Institute of Strategic Studies. In the years 2002-2006, she represented Ukraine in the ITU-T SG3: Tariff and accounting principles as well as economic and political issues in international telecommunications / ICT.

She is the author of over 120 articles and the author and co-author of five monographs. The work “Development of a national ICT infrastructure management system” is recommended for the State Award in the field of science and technology. Research interests include theoretical and practical issues in the field of information and communication technologies, digital transformation in the field of telecommunications and digital infrastructure. In November 2022 she joined the CENTERA project. Currently, she deals with, among others research and development of radio-electronic devices for creating the digital structure of the transmission system in the terahertz frequency range.