Aleksandra Krajewska

Aleksandra Krajewska, PhD, obtained the title of Master of Science in Chemistry at the Military University of Technology (WAT) in 2012. In 2019 earned Doctor’s degree with highest distinctions at the same University for the thesis entitled “Modification of graphene structure for photonic and electronic applications”. After obtaining Mater of Science degree she enrolled at ITME as an engineer, later to become Engineer Specialist. As a researcher at ITME and PhD student at WAT she was involved in electrical and materials characterization as well as in the development of a method for graphene transfer from metals to arbitrary substrates and chemical modification of graphene properties. In 2019 she moved to the Center for Terahertz Research and Applications CENTERA in Warsaw. Her scientist interests is closely related to carbon-based materials, i.e. graphene and nanotube, and their possible applications in electronic system as well as in other related applications.