Prof. IHPP PAS dr hab. eng.
Grzegorz Cywiński

Since 25th February 2020 he has become the professor of Institute of High Pressure Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences;
September 2015- 2020 – assistant professor;
Deputy Head of laboratory TeraGaN – at the Institute of High Pressure Physics PAS;
PhD (Semiconductor Physics) Institute of Physics PAS (2004);
Bachelor&Master of Science in Engineering in the field of microelectronics and semiconductor instruments;
Diploma with Honors, St. Petersburg, Russia (1995);
20 years experience in Molecular Beam Epitaxy (nitrides, tellurides, selenides, graphene);
GaInN/AlInGaN intersubband devices for telecommunication wavelengths;
GaN/AlGaN HEMTs for microwave & terahertz ranges;
GaN/AlGaN lateral Schottky barrier diodes for frequency multiplication&mixinig GaN/AlGaN FinFET and „edgeFET”.