Dmitriy Yavorskiy

PhD Dmitriy Yavorskiy has recently defended his thesis at the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw. He was doing his research studies in THz Lab Group led by professor Jerzy Lusakowski, who was also supervising his PhD thesis. All previous and current work is mostly related to the physical phenomenons of THz detectors and emitters such as a magnetoplasma excitation in a 2DEG, cyclotron transitions, Gunn effect or Smith-Purcell effect. He has built many experimental setups to study detection and emission of semiconductor structures and devices from silicon, GaAs, GaN and CdTe bulk materials and 2D systems. He has vast experience in a wide range of various measurements techniques, like Terahertz Magnetospectroscopy, Terahertz Photoconductivity, Terahertz emission and Transport measurements at cryogenic or room temperatures and high magnetic fields.