Editors’ Choice Article

We are happy to announce that Prof. Alvydas Lisauskas, prof. Wojciech Knap from CENTERA, prof. Hartmut Roskos, prof. Gintaras Valusis from CENTERA International Science Committee and their colleague prof. Hui Yuan published the article

Roadmap of Terahertz Imaging 2021

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In this roadmap article, we have focused on the most recent advances in terahertz (THz) imaging with particular attention paid to the optimization and miniaturization of the THz imaging systems. Such systems entail enhanced functionality, reduced power consumption, and increased convenience, thus being geared toward the implementation of THz imaging systems in real operational conditions. The article will touch upon the advanced solid-state-based THz imaging systems, including room temperature THz sensors and arrays, as well as their on-chip integration with diffractive THz optical components. We will cover the current-state of compact room temperature THz emission sources, both optoelectronics and electrically driven; particular emphasis is attributed to the beam-forming role in THz imaging, THz holography, and spatial filtering, THz nano-imaging, and computational imaging. A number of advanced THz techniques, such as light-field THz imaging, homodyne spectroscopy, and phase-sensitive spectrometry, THz modulated continuous wave imaging, room temperature THz frequency combs, and passive THz imaging, as well as the use of artificial intelligence in THz data processing and optics development, will be reviewed. This roadmap presents a structured snapshot of current advances in THz imaging as of 2021 and provides an opinion on contemporary scientific and technological challenges in this field, as well as extrapolations of possible further evolution in THz imaging.


Enjoy the lecture!