CENTERA THz Days with honorary title the official event of the Polish-French Year of Science!

In October 2019 CENTERA team organized a prestigious event resulting in increased recognition of the project in the international R&D environment. CENTERA THz Days took place under the patronage of the French Institute in Poland. This prestigious meeting of the scientists from several European countries (including more than a dozen from the most important research centers in France), the USA and China- was honored the title “The official event of the Polish-French Science Year”. The guest of honor was Christophe Paoli, Attaché for University and Scientific Cooperation at the French Ministry for EU and Foreign Affairs. Among the guests were: Dr. Anna Plater-Zyberk, Director of the Office of International Cooperation at Polish Academy of Sciences; Professor Niels Keller, Director of the CNRS; Professor Maciej Żylicz, President of the Foundation for Polish Science, Prof. Izabella Grzegory Director of the IHPP PAS and Dr. Frédéric Teppe, Director of the French section of LIA TERAMIR program. The event was hosted by prof. Wojciech Knap and prof. Thomas Skotnicki who presented the most important R&D objectives of CENTERA. The program of CENTERA THz Days included presentations of various R&D units, their achievements, and scientific programs as well as the visit of CENTERA THz laboratories. During several thematic sessions our researcher presented their scientific achievements obtained within the first year of the project realization.