Lech Trzeciak

PhD Lech Trzeciak has a strong biomedical background, having graduated from Warsaw University of Medicine as a medical doctor and working in the profession for several years and simultaneously doing research in biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics. Visited St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London in 1991, University of Washington in 1994-1995 as Fulbright Scholar and Institute of Virology in Koln 2014. Obtained PhD (in genetics of cancer) in 1999. Completed postgraduate studies in biostatistics at Medical University of Łódź in 2014. Co-authored 21 papers in peer-review journals, h=12. Worked also in the field of dissemination and popularization as an editor of medical textbooks and an editor, author and translator for Polish edition of “Scientific American”. Recently turned to research management, specializing in European-funded multinational projects and applications.