Sergey N. Vainshtein

Closely collaborating with CENTERA, Prof. Sergey N. Vainshtein: MS with honor (phys. electronics) from the Leningrad Politechnical Institute, Russia in 1978. 1978-1981 in industry: R&D in PUL corporation, Saratov; then in Lepse corporation, Leningrad (light-emitting vacuum devices; engineer/leading engineer). From 1981 with the A. F. Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute in  Petersburg, Russia; 1987 PhD in semiconductor device physics. From 1992 senior scientist in Ioffe Institute and visiting researcher in Electron Lab. of Univ. of Oulu in Finland. In 2020 won the position of research professor in VTT in Oulu, Finland; later twice was selected to short list of Professor Positions in Finland. In 2007 got tenure track post senior university researcher in Univ. of Oulu where continued research till 2020.
Research interests are in ns/ps extreme-current-density avalanche switching in Si and GaAs bipolar structures and all-electronic THz emitters.
SV introduced fundamental physical phenomenon, which he termed Collapsing Field Domains (CFD) in GaAs.
He is an author of more than 100 papers mostly in refereed international journals, one international patent, one book, several book chapters, about 15 plenary, keynote, and invited talks at international conferences and workshops.