CENTERA Leader Prof. W. Knap Main Scientific Activities 1980 – 2020

My research activity was concentrated on Solid State Physics. I studied, transport and optical (from visible till far Infrared/THz) properties of semiconductors using high pressure and/or high magnetic fields extreme conditions. Important part of my scientific experience comes from the fact that I was working in many different laboratories and research centres.

1979-1987 : Institute of Physics – Solid State Group University of Warsaw.
1985-1986 : Innsbruck and Leoben groups of Semiconductor Physics Austria.
1989-1990 : Grenoble High Magnetic Field Laboratory CNRS-SNCI Grenoble.
1991-1992 : Pulsed Magnetic Field Laboratory Toulouse, France.
1999-2001 : Terahertz Center of Rensellaer Polytechnic Inst. Troy-New York, USA.
2007-2019 : Research. Inst. of Elec. Com. – RIEC Tohoku University – Sendai, Japan.
1988-2020 : Centre National Rearche Scientifique – Montpellier, France.
2000-2020 : Institute of High Pressure Physics – Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw.

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