The second prize for PhD Aleksandra Krajewska in the contest the “Mazovian Innovator”.

We are pleased to announce that CENTERA’s researcher PhD Aleksandra Maria Krajewska was awarded the second prize in the contest the "Mazovian Innovator". The event that has been organized under the patronage of the Marshal of the Mazovieckie Voivodeship for over 11 years, promotes young and talented researchers, who help to increase the quality of life of the inhabitants of Mazovia and contribute to the rapid economic and societal development of the region. PhD Krajewska received the award for her doctoral dissertation "Modification of the graphene structures for photonic and electronic applications". Over 40 projects submitted to the competition covered different disciplines of modern science and technology, such as the space industry, new materials engineering, biotechnology, and imaging diagnostics. The subject of innovative research on PhD Aleksandra Krajewska was graphene, one of the allotropic varieties of carbon, characterized by high electrical and thermal conductivity, as well as mechanical strength. Her major achievement included a description of the controlled process of increasing number of graphene layers resulting in the graphene foil fabrication. The materials used as a saturable absorber is an innovative optoelectronic element for generation of ultrafast, femtosecond pulses. Femtosecond lasers may find application in modern medicine, e.g. in surgery or cosmetology as very precise optical scalpels. This is also a very good tool for processing, cutting, micro-holes, or micro-holes drilling in materials such as steel, aluminum, or plastic. This kind of lasers also works extremely well, for instance, in laser spectroscopy, detecting small concentrations of gases and molecules (e.g. methane) in the air.